Sustainable Shopping


For challenge number 4 we were tasked with finding a sustainable brand. I immediately knew that this meant the company would most likely be a slow fashion company, as these usually have more sustainable models than fast fashion companies. I was shopping around in Verona when I saw Furla, which was a company I had purchased a purse from during my prior trip to Italy. When we went in I saw they had flaps for the front of purses and when I asked the sales associate, she said it was so you could mix up your bag without having to buy a whole new one. She then explained that this helps the environment because it decreases the number of brand new purses people are buying. This is just one of Furla’s many sustainable practices, which I learned from further research into the company and from asking another sales associate in the Venice Furla.

Some facts I learned were:

Furla uses eco-friendly materials in some of its products. Examples of these materials include PVC and Coated Canvas.

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Furla does not always use new leather. They make an effort to bond together old leather to help decrease waist.

Furla has plans to start a new sub-brand that will be based on using eco-friendly materials. They think this new sub-brand will not deter customers, but rather increase revenues because there is an increased concern for the environment.

Their new Milan Office has a Green Building Leed Gold Certification. This building has low environmental impact, 35% eco and hydro-saving, and 40% air pollution decrease.
They plan to make their supply chain more eco-friendly as technology is developed. They addressed this on their website and said that it was one of their highest areas of risk. For this reason, Furla said they will focus more efforts on it.aaaaaa.jpeg

It was interesting to learn about Furla and how the company is trying to be sustainable. The challenge helped me to understand why it is so important for companies to be sustainable especially with the increased concern for the environment. In the future I’d like to compare Furla to other brands in order to see how they are doing in comparison to the industry.

Until next time, Ciao!



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