Gucci or Guccy?


Since arriving in Italy Gucci is a brand that I have seen everywhere. It has been in the airport, every major city, and there is even a museum in Florence called the Gucci Garden. I have gone into many of the stores and have found that each one is unique. They all have different displays; however they manage to maintain a design that represents the brand. The store is more of an experience than anything. The abundance of Gucci in Italy and the design that goes into it makes it apparent that Gucci is a well-developed and highly sought-after brand.


Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921. It was founded in Florence, where the Gucci Garden is located. The brand significantly grew after the second world war. Stores were opened throughout Europe and in 1954 Gucci opened it’s first US store. Today the brand is known as a luxury brand worldwide and has hired some of the world’s most renowned designers. Tom Ford was one of the most famous designers and designed from 1994 until 2004. Since then Gucci has hired several designers who have kept up Gucci’s image.

tour guide

US Perception

Like Italy, the US perceives Gucci as a luxury brand. Gucci has a very high brand recognition and is worn by many of the countries most famous celebrities. One major difference between the US and Italy is that there are fewer stores in the US. However, Gucci has managed to increase their presence in the US with their Gucci belts. This has helped the brand to get customers into US stores. Although I have not been in any US stores I could tell through research that they also use a unique and powerful design that is consistent with the rest of the brand.


As we toured Gucci Garden the tour guide showed us a recent dress that said Guccy on it. I thought this was just a random twist they put on the garment to make it unique. I was surprised when the tour guide informed us that it was intentional. The reason for the difference in spelling was actually because of Americans and how we pronounce things. She said that while ci makes the chee noise in Italian, cy makes the noise in the US.

Another thing I noticed on the tour was some of the very adventurous trends. Gucci is well known for their out there styles, which helps them to stay relevant. While walking around the store and the museum I found many garments to be unexpected. Some of the most interesting were fur shoes that appeared to be made of hair, a scarf made of two fox bodies, hats that cover your face, and an orange fur jacket with zebras on it. These exhibits made me wonder who exactly wore these products and what occasion would be appropriate to wear them?


I look forward to continuing to learn more about Gucci and what makes them so successful as a brand.


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