Urban Urbino

Our 5th challenge was given to us when we arrived in Urbino. For this challenge we were given a scavenger hunt to learn about the history and culture in Urbino. Sarah, Lia, Ellie and I set out to find some of the sights. Here is what we found:

The Best View of the Ducal Palace: While the Ducal Palace is beautiful from almost every angle we found out that the best view could be seen from Via Barocci. When standing on the street you can look between buildings to see the palace. Take a peek:


La casa di Rafaello: As we wandered Urbino we knew we were close to Raffaello’s house because there were several shops, and even a street, named after him nearby. We initially took pictures of the wrong house because we were unsure where it was. It didn’t take us long to realize that Rafaello’s house had a sign outside of it. We later visited the house again with our tour guide when she explained that the house was where the artist Rafaello was born. From a very young age Rafaello was very talented. Our tour guide pointed out a piece of art he had done when he was 9 which was amazing to see how talented he was at such a young age.


Popular Brands in Urbino: After roaming around Urbino for a couple of days I noticed that the brands being worn were pretty consistent with brands being worn in Other parts of Italy. The brand I have noticed the most is the Napapijri brand. This is the brand that has the Norwegian flag on it.  I have seen these windbreaker jackets everywhere we go, especially on college aged guys.4444

American Stereotypes: During our first couple of days in Urbino we got the opportunity to meet some students from Urbino. The students were very nice and pretty interested in learning about what America was like. We asked them what stereo types they had heard about American’s and they said they heard we are all cheerleaders and football players, like you see in the movies. They also said we like potatoes and chips, which we thought was pretty accurate since we’ve gotten fries 3 times from Chick N Fries in 3 days. The last thing they said was American’s were unaware of what is going on outside the US. I found this one to be pretty accurate because it seems like most American’s focus on what is going on nationally and less of what is going on internationally. Overall the stereotypes did not surprise me, but they were very interesting to hear about.

Most Popular place to go in Urbino on a Thursday night: This is another question we asked the students from Urbino. They said that on Thursday’s they would start by pregaming at their house and then go bar hopping after. We asked what one of their favorites was and they said The Underground Pub. Since the recommendation was so strong we figured we had to go see it for ourselves. Pictured below: Lia in The Underground Pub

Hand made leather purses: The last location we found was one we found on the way home from class. The store was called Piero Guidi and had many choices of leather bags that were handbound. Unfortunately, the store was closed so we were unable to go in.


Reflection: In the end we found 6 of the 10 items on our scavenger hunt list. Everything we found helped me to better understand Urbino’s history and culture. It was interesting to compare what we found in Urbino to our experiences in the United States. Since, Urbino is such a small town with a college we were able to find many commonalities with the students we spoke to about Urbino. It was also interesting to see the Ducal Palace and Raffaelo’s house as these 2 places are very representative of Urbino’s history. While all of these were exciting to find we hope to be able to find the 4 other locations in our remaining week in Urbino. One that was especially hard for us to find was the leather books that were hand bound. We tried to ask in a book store, but the owner did not speak much English, which is something we have noticed in Urbino. I plan on doing some more research on the book store in order to try to find it. I’ll update you on what I find!



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