Bologna’s Secrets Exposed


As some of you may know there are 7 secrets of Bologna. While there is plenty you can see by just roaming the city of Bologna, these 7 secrets are fun and exciting sites that take a little (or a lot) more effort to find. Our third day in Italy Sarah, Ellie, Lia, and I set out to find as many as we could. We thought it only fair to share the secrets we found so others can see them too.

L’erezione de Neptuno “Fountain of Neptune” : L’erezione de Neptuno may have been the easiest of Bologna’s secrets to find. Surrounding the statue were a lot of  large groups of tourists and musicians which helped us to find the statue quickly. This statue is known for being symmetrical, “lending itself to being observed from all angles (try it). The four groups of four elements each – dolphins, nereids, coats of arms, and angels – are arranged around the sinuous Neptune, which crowns the monumental structure.” as written about in Bologna Uncovered.

neptune statue- italy

Il Vaso Rotto in Cima alla Torre Degli Asinelli “The Broken Vase at the Top of Asinelli Tower” : The tower is rumored to have a vase at the top of it. However it is uncertain whether or not the vase has ever been seen. None the less it is interesting to go look at the tower as it is one of the most visited sites in Bologna.

.tower- blog

Gelato Break…. Some of the secrets were harder to find than anticipated so gelato was necessary. There is a great place called Gianni’s right around the area a lot of the secrets happen to be.

gelato- blog
It’s never too cold for gelato!

Canabis Protectio “Cannabis is Protection”: This secret was one that proved to be harder to find. We knew from research we had done that this saying was written on the ceiling of an archway, however even with asking several people it was difficult to locate it. Many people hadn’t even heard of this (thus the secret part.)


Il Telefono Senza Fili ” The Telephone without wires”: This secret is not a far walk from L’erezione de Neptuno, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for it may be hard to find. The way you know you are at the right place is to have someone stand at the opposite corner of the wall and whisper . If you hear what they said  you know you’ve found the right place.
telephone wall- blog.JPG

Panum Resis “Bread is Resistance” : This secret is one that is hidden at the end of a long walkway on Dell’Indipendenza Street. We found the architecture to be very unique and unlike other archways we have seen.
bread blog- italy

Other Secrets and Not So Secrets we found in Bologna

There are many, but a few include: Fist bumping door handles, A restaurant that serves whole fish, and Stone Sofas. Why these aren’t on the list? We aren’t sure, but we’re glad we found them!



The Story Behind Bologna’s Fountain of Neptune






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