Made in Italy is Everywhere in Italy

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion it’s everywhere, especially in Italy. During my study abroad I had to see what the fashion and shopping was like for some Made in Italy products! I had expected all the cities to have similar shopping experiences, but was surprised to find out this wasn’t the case. I did find one similarity and that was the little tag on everything that said Made In Italy. I wondered why this was the case. So here is a dive into Made in Italy:

BOLOGNA– Was home for 2 of my 4 weeks abroad. I stayed in a hotel that was just a minute from a shopping strip. There were many shops, commercial and luxury. Even though there were bigger brands, Made in Italy was still tacked onto most products.bologna.png

MILAN– How could you not shop in Milan? There are stores everywhere! Luxury brands flooded the streets, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci… etc. These are some of Italy’s most sought-after brands and they go all out in their Milan stores. If you walk in one of these stores it will fully immerse you into the brand. While there, a personal shopper helps you to pick out all the Made in Italy necessities.bologna

COMO– had a Christmas market that was unlike one I had seen before. They had many made in Italy products and all of the people were very extra friendly. The market extended down most of the main street.

VERONA– was a city I did not know much about. It turns out that Verona is a pretty big fashion hub. Verona, like Milan had many luxury shops. While in Verona I went to Furla and learned the company was very sustainable, which is something that is important to a lot of Italians.

VENICE– Was much calmer than the other cities we visited. Wandering the streets and going into random shops was my favorite part of the city. I saw many leather purse shops that had made in Italy written inside of the tag.

URBINO– Was home for the second 2 weeks of my time in Italy. This town is a lot smaller than Bologna and does not have a large shopping strip. It is comparable to Oxford in that it has a college and only a few shops. The town did have a leather shop that had handmade, Made in Italy products.


FLORENCE– Is a city built for shopping. There are shops lining every street and where there aren’t shops there are little huts that sell products. If you are going to Italy with no intention to shop, then I wouldn’t go to Florence. If you do want a Made in Italy product though, Florence has tons of choices.


CINQUE TERRE– Is a Summer tourist destination. Because of this many of the shops shut down for the winter. This turned out to be a blessing because I only had one day in Cinque Terre and wanted to do everything! Only a couple of shops being open was the perfect. However, I did scope out some Made in Italy shops…. so I guess I’ll have to come back in the Summer.

PESARO– We went to Pesaro on a Monday, so many shops were closed. In case you didn’t know, a lot of Italian stores are closed on Monday. Even though shops were closed I still saw made in Italy in the windows and got the opportunity to make my own belt.pesaro

So …. what is Made in Italy and why is it the one consistency in all Italian cities?Made in Italy is a, “logo to defend the country’s finest food exports from an army of foreign impersonators.” (Landlini) This logo is not as straight forward as it seems and has created issues on what is considered made in Italy. Something I learned in class was that the Made in Italy logo is very desired and “there is a strong level of consumer rationality towards the purchase of “Made in Italy.”” (Cappelli) This helps to understand why companies are so careful to make sure their products have this logo. A study we did also talks about Made in Italy and how, “there is a significant and important “premium price” recognized by consumers.” (Cappelli)

As you travel through Italy, I would keep an eye out for this logo. You may be paying a slight premium for the Made in Italy logo, but hey it may be worth it!
“Capelli”, Are Consumers Willing to Pay More for a “Made in” Product?

“Landini”, What’s truly Italian? Food fight foils ‘Made in Italy’ plan


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